Arbonne Meal Replacement Shakes Review (New Guide)

The idea of protein shakes is not a new concept in the health and nutrition industry. However, we cannot deny the fact that much still needs to be done in terms of availing products that conform to the required standards of safety and nutritional benefits. And one company that has endeavored to ensure those two great parameters of safety and nutritional benefits are met is Arbonne and in this post, we shall review some great Arbonne protein shakes and try to uncover the benefits they pack in relation to other major industry players. The following are some of the areas this post will cover about Arbonne Meal Replacement Shakes.

What is Arbonne Meal Replacement Shakes?

The Arbonne meal replacement shakes are the essential shakes that can be used as substitutes for different kinds of nutrients that are to be found inside the body. These nutrients are essential for the body, and there are Arbonne protein shakes that are helpful in weight loss.

Founded in 1975 in Switzerland, the now California-based company mainly specializes in skincare products along with other products healthy for the body. Also, the company prides itself on producing safe products that are environmentally friendly. Arbonne has a wide range of products, 19 to be specific. 

Nutrition Facts of Arbonne Meal Replacement Shakes

  • Calories 

The first and foremost thing that health enthusiasts and diet plan followers look at when choosing nutritional supplements is the number of calories it has to offer. The Arbonne shakes have a maximum of 160 calories, and that is what replacement shakes give instead of a meal, to keep a person going but at a lower calorie’s intake.

Protein Gym enthusiasts and muscle builders will be looking forward to consuming higher amounts of proteins in their shakes. The Arbonne protein shakes contain around 20 grams of protein, and the usual protein shakes contain a lower level of proteins. The proteins in these Arbonne protein shakes are mainly extracted from cranberry, pea, and rice.

  • Fibers, Vitamins, and Minerals

Fibers are necessary for healthy digestion in an optimum amount, but the Arbonne products contain an unusually low level of fibers recorded at one gram per serving maximum. Vitamins and minerals are some of the most important elements that a healthy body needs to develop, and the Arbonne products are highly rich in it. The shakes contain Vitamin A, B, C, as well as D, E, and B12, and are rich in mineral contents such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, and potassium.  

  • Sugar Sweeteners

Consuming high levels of sugars leads to serious health issues and diabetes. It is more than advisable to consume sugar content in as low an amount as possible. The Arbonne products contain 9 grams of sugar content on average, and that is good enough as a replacement. However, we can all admit that it could have been further reduced. These sugar sweeteners are normally added for developing taste.  

Ingredients of Arbonne Meal Replacement Shakes

Ingredients of the Arbonne meal replacements shakes are usually natural and extracted from rice, peas as well as cranberries for protein contents. Fiber contents are usually taken from plant stems, and vitamins and nutrients are extracted from elements such as fruits and vegetables. The sugar contents are added from sugar canes which are the rawest and healthiest form of sugar.

Arbonne Replacement Shakes

Different Arbonne Meal Replacement Shakes Flavors 

There are a lot of different Arbonne meal replacement shakes products available in the catalog of Arbonne. The products are divided into subcategories based on their functions. There are Arbonne Essentials, Digestion products, Fiber products, and Herbal Tea products available.  

The Arbonne protein shakes are available in two flavors, chocolate, and vanilla. There is a product available which is essentially made for energy buzz and is named as Arbonne Energy Fizz available in Citrus and Pomegranate flavors. Lastly, there are two products that focus on natural herbs and green body cleansing from parasites, etc. The products are Body Cleanse, Arbonne Essentials, and Greens Balance. 

All these products promise to be healthy and a hundred percent natural to only deliver high nutritious value. 

According to some Arbonne reviews, there are both pros and cons of these products.

Benefits of Arbonne Meal Replacement Shakes

The Arbonne meal replacement shakes, and nutrition programmers are very affordable compared to other players in the industry. The products offer a hundred percent natural food. The protein contents are higher than normal shakes and contain a great mix of nutrients as well as vitamins, and calories. These benefits are closely related to the overall health and wellness of the human body.

The proteins in the shakes present are mainly from rice, cranberries, and peas, so that makes the replacement shake totally vegan free and gluten-free. Gluten is the protein present in wheat and barley, etc, excessive amounts of which are not good for the intestines, as they can cause damage to it. This is the reason why Arbonne meal replacement shakes do not add whey to its ingredients to increase protein content.  

Side Effects of Arbonne Meal Replacement Shakes

The Arbonne products have some side effects associated with some of its ingredients. High levels of sugar content would lead to diabetic problems in patients. Also, lower levels of fibers lead to ineffective digestions as well in users.  

Arbonne Shake Products

Other than nutritious products, Arbonne also offers products in the categories of skincare and makeup. These products are also said to be high in natural elements contents, and environmentally friendly.  

  • Protein Shakes 

Arbonne meal replacement shakes introduced some new flavors in their delicious and healthy range of products. The same old benefits of the old protein shake in Chocolate, Chai, and Vanilla flavors at a very reasonable price of 77 US Dollars for a thirty-day supply.  

  • Protein Snack Bars  

Snack bars have been an important part of protein-heavy dietary plans, and Arbonne has introduced snack bars which include 10 grams of gluten-free proteins. The product is available in apple cinnamon flavor and is priced at 30 US Dollars.  

  • Energy Fizz Sticks 

A substitute for coffee and tea, Arbonne introduces the energy fizz sticks to provide that surge of energy you need when feeling down. The fizz sticks are available in three flavors of Pomegranate, Citrus, and Blackberry, and it is priced at 55 US Dollars for a thirty days supply.  

  • Body Cleanse

Detox is an important method through which the body generally gets rid of all the waste and toxic materials inside. Arbonne Essentials Body Cleanse is perfectly made from natural ingredients like lemon and ginseng extracts. The price of the product is 52 US Dollars for a thirty-day supply.  

  • Skincare Products 

The skincare product line consists of smoothing facial cleansers, intensive renewal serums, regenerating toners, night repair creams, and nightly resurfacing pads and solution. These products cater to different skin problems and help in improving the condition of the skin.  

Price and How to Buy

A thirty days package almost costs about 200 US Dollars whereas the average cost for the products is in the range of 2.5-3 US Dollars per serving. It is far better than one of its best competitors, Shakeology, which costs around 4.5 US Dollars per serving. The Arbonne products can be bought from their official websites.  


One last perk of Arbonne products is that they also contain a menu for Arbonne shake recipes that help in making new types of shakes. This is offered to ensure that the user does not get bored with one type of serving all the time. Overall, the Arbonne shake products provide high-quality offerings at a relatively low price.


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