Best Weight Loss Shakes: Choose The Perfect One for Losing Your Weight

Best Weight Loss Shakes

Everybody wants to look good. Everybody wants a perfect body shape to look appealing in every outfit, on every occasion. For that, people often take a lot of stress. They worry a lot about their body and about their weight. They do different things, join gyms, follow diet plans, and try out different home remedies for weight loss. This urge of many people gave the idea to many companies to start manufacturing products that claim to help people by assisting them in losing weight. There are numerous companies providing the best weight loss shakes for weight loss.

Many companies today have realized that weight loss is one of the most desired things by the people these days. People are crazy about losing weight. They want something which does not require much effort, but it assists them in losing weight. That is why many companies have now started making weight loss shakes. These shakes claim to help people in losing weight. Let’s see what these shakes are capable of.

What is Weight Loss Shake?

Weight loss shakes are specially made to help people lose weight. They contain minimal to no-calorie. They are also known as the “liquid meal replacements”. It is known that one should replace their meals with these weight loss shakes in order to lose weight in a few weeks. The weight loss shakes happen to contain different minerals and vitamins. They claim to fulfill all the requirements of a human being. Weight Loss shake provides full nutrition. They have a special, different recipe containing many components and ingredients. Weight loss shakes contain proteins, carbohydrates, fructose, fibers, and other essential components. They are either available in liquid form or powdered form which can be taken with water or milk. These meal replacements are very convenient to use. One can have it in his/her bag all the time. Can be carried anywhere. Can be used anywhere, anytime.

Do Weight Loss Shakes Work Long Term?

The main question is, whether these weight loss shakes actually work or not on a long-term basis. Although, they are very simple and easy to take. One does not have to do anything to prepare a meal. Just grab a weight loss shake and have it. That’s all it takes. But keeping aside all the promises and the claims the company makes, it is still a processed food item, which means it contains preservatives, artificial flavors, and other ingredients. A processed shake can never be that beneficial as a meal made up of whole food.

However, when one is having a busy routine, and they just can’t take all the meals of a day. Then these shakes are the best option. Some people believe that these shakes work wonders for them. Help them lose weight and look good. But the real point is choosing the best shake. If the best shake is chosen with minimal calories and full nutrition, it can prove to be great for a long-term journey of weight loss. As these shakes promise to make people lose weight in weeks, without deserting their complete nutrition that requires a lot of minerals and vitamins.  

What Ingredients Should a Weight Loss Shake Contain?

An effective weight loss shake must contain a minimum amount of sugar, fat, and calories in it. It should be rich in nutrition, containing proteins, carbohydrates, fibers in a considerable quantity and should have very little, almost negligible artificial elements and ingredients in it. It is believed that weight loss shakes contain frozen fruit extracts.

Most shakes contain ingredients including fibers, sugar, protein, carbohydrates, emulsifiers, synthetic vitamins, canola oil, corn bran, cellulose powder, ginger root powder, carrageenan, medium-chain triglyceride, calcium phosphate, guar gum, calcium caseinate, ascorbic acid, niacinamide, citrus pectin, and some artificial flavors and many more ingredients.

Different companies provide weight-loss shake recipes like Herbalife. They also share the protein shake recipes for weight loss. Trying out those recipes can actually help you make a shake for yourself at home.  

Best Weight Loss Shakes in the market

There are different companies manufacturing different weight loss shakes for people with a strong urge for obtaining the perfect body. Some of the famous shakes are given below:

310 Shake

310 Shake

310 Shake is one of the most used and apparently called as the best weight loss shake in the market. It has a number of benefits that help people lose weight. 310 Shake contains only 90 calories, which means if it is taken three times a day, only 270 calories are taken a day. It contains a rich amount of protein. The great thing about this shake is that it has no sugar in it. It is totally sugar-free, which makes it great for people with diabetes as well. It is available mainly in four flavors; chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and mocha. All four flavors taste heavenly.

Thrive Shake

Thrive Shakes

The thrive shake is another, very famous shake in the market. It claims to contain 110 calories, which means one can replace their meal having hundreds of calories with just 110 calories. This shake is again rich in protein with 15 g of overall protein. It is believed that this shake has no side effects, and it is good for the overall health of a person.

Garden of Life Shake

Garden of Life Shake

The Garden of Life shake is rich in protein and has 110 calories overall. This shake contains zero sugar, which means it is great for people with diabetes. This shake provides strength to muscles and other body parts by fulfilling the protein needs and requirements.

Arbonne Shake

Arbonne Shake

The Arbonne shake contains 160 calories overall. The main ingredients of this shake are rice protein and pea protein which make it extremely nutritious. The Arbonne Shake taste is really good.



The Idealshake contains only one gram of sugar which is great as it has a minimal amount of it. It has 100 calories and 11 g of protein. Along with the benefit of weight loss, this shake is really amazing for dealing with health problems as it contains different antioxidants. The Idealshake is well famed for its other benefits to the human body along with reducing weight.

Vega One Shake

Vega One Shake

The Vega One shakes come in a variety of flavors for people with all types of tastes. These shakes contain 160 calories overall. They have zero cholesterol and only 1 g of sugar. The protein level is high which makes them of good nutritional value. They contain a wide range of vitamins.

GNC Lean Shake

Best Weight Loss Shakes - GNC Lean Shake

The GNC Lean shake contains 200 calories and they are a rich source of protein. This shake contains a little more sugar and cholesterol as compared to the previous shakes. The taste of these GNC Lean shake is good but many people complain that they feel a bad taste later.

Herbalife Shake

Best Weight Loss Shakes - Herbalife Shake

The Herbalife shakes come in a variety of different flavors. These shakes contain 90 calories which are really good. But they contain more sugar as compared to the previous shakes. These shakes contain approximately 9 g of sugar. Their flavors include chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, café latte, and many more.

Orgain Organic Shake

Best Weight Loss Shakes - Orgain Organic Shake

The Orgain Organic shake is famous for containing plant-based protein. They contain 220 calories and 20 g of protein. The two top-selling flavors are Creamy Chocolate Fudge and Vanilla Bean. They taste heavenly and they are believed to provide enough calcium for daily go.

18 Shake

Best Weight Loss Shakes - 18 Shake

The 18 Shake contains only 19 calories. It is clearly the shake with the least number of calories. It contains zero dietary fiber and 15 g of protein. 18 Shake contains different vitamins and minerals to fulfill the body requirements. Only two flavors are available, chocolate and vanilla.  

How Much Do Weight Loss Shakes Cost?

Most of the weight loss shakes price range from $2-5. All the shakes mentioned above range from $2-4. They are quite affordable. They can be bought in a carton with 18-24 servings.  

How to Choose?

It is not so hard to choose the best weight loss shake. All that has to be done is to observe and read carefully all the ingredients used in it and in how much quantity. A shake with less protein and fibers and more sugar and cholesterol should not be picked. As it might not work the best. Looking close to all its specifications and nutritional value, the best shake with the best calorie count must be picked.  


Weight loss shakes can do wonders when used the right company, right brand, and right shake. It can be taken to reduce weight. But one should never replace all their meals with a processed shake promising to reduce their weight. Because no matter how good they claim to be, they still are processed. But keeping aside that fact, if a weight loss shake is taken with care and at the right time, it can prove to be a great solution for all those people trying so hard to get a perfect shape.  


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