Does CBD Get You High

Does CBD Get You High? Get Real Insights About CBD

Does CBD get you high? CBD is now one of the trending products that receive the best reviews in the best press platforms online. You need to read this insightful article that instills the reader with all the basic information about the CBD! It answers the question if CBD will make you high.

There has been confusion between the CBD and THC? Does CBD get you high? It is a common question that always gets many confusing answers from the internet!

The many answers on the internet do differ, therefore, making it a challenge for a beginner to get what he/ she intends to get! You don’t deserve that and therefore, it will be worth reading through all the insights about the CBD!

Why do we think CBD can Make Us High?

Let s separate facts from speculations. CBD will never make you high because it does not contain the psychoactive effects. An important fact that you should understand is the nature of the receptors that will react with the CBD compounds! You may only feel high if your CBD contains traces of the psychoactive THC!

To be sure with the nature of the CBD that you are using, you should check the third party laboratories for the results about the THC contents! The mode of extraction will determine the nature of the CBD in question. The CO2 extraction process is the best method that most users will agree with. The receptors in your endocannabinoid system will react with CBD to bring the general calming effects.

So, what about THC?

On the other hand, THC is a psychoactive compound that you will harvest in both marijuana and hemp! Notably, marijuana has a high concentration of THC hence, the CBD extracted from it will contain traces of THC! It is the reason why many users believe that CBD may be psychoactive! It is the traces of the THC that make it psychoactive! The number of CBD products you can find in the market includes the CBD gummies, then CBD edibles, and the CBD cream!

CBD Vs. THC: The Key ingredients

When you experience a characteristic high feeling, you simply mean that results such as euphoria, confusion and the heightened sensory perception! The psychoactive feeling will vary from person to person hence making it even harder to define what causes it!

When you experience the psychoactive effect after consuming CBD, you should note that it is the traces of the THC that causes it! Conclusively, the CBD does not bring about the psychoactive effects. It will be a milestone to realize that the endocannabinoid system has varying receptors for every form of compound! So, you won’t experience a psychoactive effect when you consume CBD because of the nature of the sensory receptors that will react with it!

What happens?

Consuming THC will affect your system differently unlike the CBD. Enzymes in the human system will not synthesize THC the same way they synthesize the CBD, therefore, bringing the difference. THC takes longer time in the system than the time at which the endocannabinoid system is degraded.

CBD, on the other hand, has a different functioning. It prevents enzymes from affecting the endocannabinoid system hence resulting in prolonged relaxation! In summary, we can say that THC allows faster degeneration of the endocannabinoid system while the CBD slows down hence bringing a whole lot of difference.

CBD vs. Marijuana: The Key Differences

CBD and marijuana do differ. Marijuana is a mother plant that has many compounds including the CBD! When you consume whole marijuana, you are consuming over 100 compounds that it has including the THC that will make you high! The will be obtained from the CO2 extraction process that will give you only the CBD! CBD is a pure compound that will never make you high!

The beneficial compound will not contain the intoxicating properties of Marijuana making it a suitable CBD option for many users. CBD will be effective in treating several conditions such as anxiety, heart disease, and many other conditions! For Marijuana it will only make you feel high, a situation that will overwhelm other benefits that you could have enjoyed using the CBD alone.

The Popular Benefits and side effects

Why do we consume CBD? There should be a reason! If you are not very sure about this, then you should be ready to get information.

  • First, they are so famous with the arthritis patients due to their appealing pain-relieving effects
  • CBD is effective in treating inflammations
  • Best in relieving the symptoms of cancer. For instance, CBD oil is effective in relieving cancer and anxiety symptoms.

The Legality of CBD products

The CBD products are still facing restrictions in many countries, therefore, making it hard to penetrate the whole market! The good news is that it is now accepted in over 60 states! Be sure to check the legal standards in your state before you make an order!


To conclude, CBD is an excellent product that will not get you high! Ensure that you are settling for the best CBD product that has all the third-party lab testing results, therefore, making it easier for you to settle for what best fits you!