Garden Of Life Meal Replacement Shake [Updated Review]

Garden Of Life REVIEW

Garden of life is basically a company that is known for manufacturing as well as selling non-GMO and whole food supplements, which has gained much reputation from the customers who say this is a nutritious meal replacement. They produce organic meal replacements, which are basically meant for everyone from the expert athletes, parents, office workers, and students alike as long as they are willing to get healthy meals. This meal replacement shake has been loaded with some superfoods, vitamins as well as minerals. With so many online reviews from customers who have used these meal replacement shakes since 2014, most people have left behind their knives and started grabbing the cups. To know everything you need to understand, read through the Garden of Life protein supplement review below.

What Is the Garden Of Life Meal Replacement Shake?

The Garden of life meal replacement shake is basically a delicious organic meal that has been packed with some incredible nutrition, which is meant to help you curb hunger, carry out weight management and also ensure you feel great. It makes a good combination of the Garden of Life supplements in a complete meal replacement.

How Garden Of LifeWorks?

This meal replacement shake is basically highly based on proteins in an attempt to help you shed excess pounds. It has been designed to enhance the diet and exercising program. This will not only help you lose weight but also help in building the lean muscle. The mechanisms employed by this meal replacement shake include increasing the metabolism rate as well as curbing hunger. In this way, you will easily get to your weight loss goals.


We cannot specifically state the ingredients in the Garden of Life meal replacement shake due to the fact that they come in different flavors. For this reason, we are going to look at the ingredients in one of these flavors, and in this case, it is the vanilla:


The Garden of life meal replacement shake comes in a wide variety of flavors for your convenience. In this regard, you will be in a position to consume the meal replacement shake without any struggles. Some of the flavors for this meal replacement shake have been listed below:

  • Chocolate
  • Vanilla
  • Lightly sweet
  • Vanilla spiced chai

You might also want to know the number of calories that each flavor comes with, and for this reason, we have listed that down also for you:

  • Vanilla: 115 calories
  • Vanilla spiced chai: 115 calories
  • Lightly sweet: 130 calories
  • Chocolate Cacao: 120 calories

Garden Of Life REVIEW


Garden of Life always claims that their shake is very “delicious” and also “yummy tasting.” However, there is no mention of research ever conducted on the same. With three years of reviews from online customers, things don’t seem to be according to the manufacturer’s claims. There are people who have agreed that the taste is delicious, while others have strongly disagreed. However, we rely on their versatility in terms of flavors, whereby we believe that you are likely to have a taste that matches your expectations.

Benefits of Garden of Life

  • Convenient To Use

This is basically a meal replacement that has been made for people on the go. It is, therefore, ideal for those people with very tight schedules. It can be used by basically anyone from athletes, office workers, students, among other others.

  • Boosts Energy

In case you work in the office, and most of the time, you find yourself sleeping on your desk, this might be an indication of low energy. To help you boost your energy levels, you will need the Garden of life meal replacement shake. After taking the shake, you will be sure to get energized.

  • Helps You Stay Full

If you are looking to lose weight, you will need to curb hunger. This is basically the feeling of being full. For this reason, the Garden of life meal replacement shake has been made exactly for this reason. You will not get tempted to eat some snacks after taking this shake.



  • It might harm the kidney.
  • It may lead to bloating.

Customer Review

People are using the Garden of life meal replacement for several reasons as per the reviews from customers who have used these shakes. To begin with, you will be amazed by the fact that it does not have any sugars or artificial sweeteners included. However, you will still find those users who complain about how ineffective this product is. For that reason, you need to peruse some of these reviews yourself so that you can know everything for yourself. Basically, the positive reviews on Amazon are very many, and this started back in 2014. What this tells you is that this is a product you ought to try.


The Garden of Life meal replacement shakes are very convenient and definitely the best way to lose weight and manage your health as well. Although there are so many weight loss meal replacement shakes out there, this one of the best you can consider. It is very simple to purchase the Garden of life meal replacement shake since it is being offered conveniently by online retailers such as Amazon. From the reviews from customers, it is evident that this is a product that you ought to try out. In case you experience some side effects, you should know that this is normal due to the drastic change in diet. If it persists, you need to stop taking the shake immediately and, if possible, seek medical attention for help.


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