Hemp and Marijuana

Hemp and Marijuana: Benefits, Side Effects and More

Hemp and marijuana, two similar, yet so different plants, cause disputes and protests around the world. One side supports the use of both types of cannabis; the other is against, while the third part of the public supports the use of hemp, not marijuana. Therefore, Hemp vs. Marijuana is a question posed still waiting for the final answer. This is one of the burning issues in cancer treatment, especially among patients and medical professionals.

Cultivation of cannabis is very simple because the plant itself does not require special conditions of growth, except for larger quantities of water. It is highly resistant to all plant pests. This means that pesticides are not needed during the production process. Hemp fiber is characterized by high strength, elasticity, durability, and resistance and has been used throughout history to make fabrics, ropes, sails, paper, canvas, lamp fuel, as well as in the construction and food industry.

Today, the production of hemp, one type of cannabis, is very interesting because it can be used as an excellent insulation material with very good technical properties. Also, it is resistant to various pests, moisture, and fire; it is used to make blocks of eco-houses.

Cannabis is one of the new trends in alternative medicine. Cannabis has been shown to help with epilepsy, schizophrenia, depression, anxiety, etc. Some preclinical trials have also proven the effectiveness of cannabis in preventing and spreading cancer.

CBD is the most popular component of this kind of herbal medicine. Why? CBD does not have a psychoactive component. We must mention here that the World Health Organization reports that CBD has little or no negative side effects.

If you are not familiar with terms such as CBD or THC and these abbreviations completely confuse you, don’t worry: In this article, we have all of these terms cover. Here are the basics – and you don’t need foreknowledge. We will talk about the main differences between hemp and marijuana, their benefits, and effects on the human body.

What is Hemp? 

Hemp is a type of cannabis that contains 20% or more CBD. At the same time, it contains less than 0.2 % of THC. As a result, it is not a psychoactive substance. In general, we can say that hemp has lots of positive and no negative effects (according to the research and clinical trials conducted so far).

What is Marijuana? 

Marijuana or Indian hemp is a type of cannabis that contains 10% of CBD and more than 20% of THC. Therefore, marijuana is a psychoactive substance. It has numerous negative effects on human cognitive abilities and general health.

Which factors differentiate Hemp and Marijuana 

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) are the two primary cannabinoids that occur naturally in the plant Cannabis sativa, commonly known as cannabis. Although they have a common source, they are completely different when it comes to their effects. In other words, hemp and marijuana (or the so-called Indian hemp) belong to the same species. The difference between the two is in the seed from which they grow. Additionally, hemp has a maximum THC content of up to 0.2 %, unlike marijuana. Marijuana contains about 20% of THC. This leads us to the conclusion that the main difference is in the content of the psychoactive substance THC. Indian hemp (marijuana) has a very high level of THC and is, therefore, a psychoactive substance.

Both substances interact with the cannabinoid receptors found in the human body and brain but differ dramatically in their effects. The basic thing is that CBD is not psychoactive and does not change the state of consciousness of the user. This means that when you use CBD for medical purposes, you will not experience any side effects or discomfort, just relief. Also, there will be no decline in your cognitive ability.

Hemp and Marijuana: Which One Should be Considered for Health Benefits? 

Hemp oil and seed are the two best sources of essential fatty acids, which are vital for maintaining the body’s immune system. Hemp seed is the most complete natural source of protein. Many scientists and scientific studies have confirmed that the nutritional properties of hemp seeds and CBD oils have great potential in the treatment of many modern diseases. Hemp oil is the only oil that penetrates all levels of the skin. Finally, as it does not contain psychoactive substances, it is marked as safe for use for most people.

On the other hand, the medical application of cannabis containing THC has also been known since ancient times. Its effect is described by Galen in 200 AD. BC and Pliny the Elder as a painkiller, and has been known to function as an opiate since the late Middle Ages. Since 1960 the UN resolution on narcotics has banned the cultivation of hemp in India, and the growing production of artificial, plastic, and similar materials has suppressed the cultivation of industrial hemp. As Indian hemp is on the narcotics list, it has been banned from use in medical treatments for a long time until the public pressure, primarily in America for the last ten years, has enabled controlled medical use. Due to this, unfortunately, there is a lack of scientific work on its effects, which in turn leads to conflicting opinions of experts on the benefits and harms of legalizing the medical application of marijuana. Smoking marijuana causes a feeling of relaxation and mild euphoria, and side effects include rapid heartbeat, redness of the eyes, dry mouth, and increased appetite. Prolonged use leads to addiction. Also, it causes damage to the respiratory system and impairment of the intellectual function and is also associated with the development of salivary gland cancer, while neither the respiratory system nor the salivary gland is damaged when hemp oil is used. Therefore, most experts agree that hemp should be used instead of marijuana for health benefits.


If we analyze the pros and cons of both hemp and marijuana and compare hemp vs. marijuana, it is easy to conclude that both have positive effects on the human body. However, marijuana has some severe negative effects, too, due to its psychoactive activity.