Ideal Shape Shake: Best Review For This Year [Updated]

Ideal Shape is among those companies which sell everything which is related to weight loss, such as shakes as well as drink powders. Despite the wide product range, this company makes so many promises for every product, such as changed appetite as well as clean energy. Ideal Shape, LLC is the company behind the Ideal Shape meal replacement. It sells its products through online stores. This company was founded back in 2003 and has its roots in Lindon, Utah. To understand the Ideal Shape recipes, we carried out some research and came up with the Ideal Shape reviews below. Below are the essential facts that will give you the quality information you require.

What is the Ideal Shape?  

Ideal Shape is simply a weight-loss diet plan which comprises meal replacement shakes, snacks as well as supplements. The aim here is simply getting you on weight loss and ultimately getting rid of it. This is a program that offers a different array of tools that are aimed at helping people lose weight via diet & hunger control. The formulas will vary based on the product although the program comes with several ingredient blends that are going to suppress hunger. On top of that, it will increase protein intake to reduce calorie intake. 

How does Ideal Shape Work? 

The science together with the system behind this meal supplement has been crafted so well with the perfect blend of proteins, digestive enzymes as well as the essential nutrients your body requires to achieve weight loss. The good thing is that they have already done everything for you. It is high time you forgot the pain where you have to measure out foods since you are looking to hit the nutritional quota daily. You are only needed to commit to a single shake on a daily basis and enjoy your favorite healthy foods in moderation for the other 2 meals. We can guarantee you that kicking off the day with the Ideal Shape, you will have no cravings for the fattening or the blood sugar-spiking food snacks afterward

The Active Ingredient of the Ideal Shape 

There are so many ingredients in this weight loss shakes which are behind the weight loss which most people are yearning for. Some of the Ideal Shape ingredients have been listed below: 

  • Sunflower oil 
  • Raspberry ketones 
  • Various Vitamins 
  • Yerba Mate 
  • Thiamine 
  • Whey Protein 
  • Green Tea 
  • Resveratrol 

Ideal Shake

Pros and Cons of  Ideal Shape 

There are several pros and cons associated with Ideal Shape where we have explained below. Read on to get enough knowledge. 


  • Reduced calorie as well as reduced sugar  

It has one hundred calories and one gram sugar in every offering in this supplement, Ideal Shape is among the few shakes in the market. Calories and sugars will lower metabolism in your body.  

  • Fantastic hunger suppression 

This supplement is very ideal as far as hunger suppression is concerned. Its active ingredients which include; potato essence, as well as insulin, will greatly reduce hunger for more than four hours. 

  • A good amount of healthy proteins 

It contains 11g of some healthy proteins in every offering. When consumed 2 times following the prescription, this will amount to twenty-two grams of protein that is just within the restrictions according to experts. 

  • Money-Back Warranty programs 

This hints that the manufacturer for this supplement is honest in the quality of the items they create. The money-back warranty program lasts for thirty days. 


Some customers complained that this product is so “slim”. Some of the problems were related to the absence of good density in the drinks. Very few, also claimed that they used flax seeds in order to enlarge it. 

What does It cost?  

This meal replacement shake has been priced at $59.99 according to their official website. This might seem a bit pricey for some people. However, the company gives a free shaker bottle together with an Ideal Shape Smoothie Recipe Book for every order. The company offers 2 meal replacement shake tubs together with free eBooks for a price of $138.96. This makes the meal replacement shake so unique since it has so many things for you in-store. 

Customer Review 

According to the official website, the products from this company seemed to have an overwhelming reputation from hundreds of customers. On average, most of them had average 5-star feedback. The common compliments were directed to its great taste, the ease of use as well as the effectiveness of results. Among the thousands of Amazon reviews, this company’s products had an average rating of 4 stars. In a similar manner, most compliments focused on the positive results as well as its great taste. A few complaints however related to lack of results as well as taste preferences. 


Ideal Shape is a very well-known and trusted brand in the wellness industry. This company provides a diet plan, where you can be guaranteed to see some results. There is extensive research which is supporting the Ideal Shape effectiveness due to its great ingredients. Just the same way there are benefits with the Ideal Shape recipes; there are similar alternatives that fit into the weight management needs. The process of weight management might lead to Ideal Shape products or maybe an alternative offers clinically-tested ingredients that are shown to work. What we can say is that this product has received so many appraisals from users. You can, therefore, feel comfortable using these supplements.