Niagen Review: Does Niagen Live Up to the Hype?


More than likely, you’ve heard all sorts of claims through the years from manufacturers claiming their products will “turn back the hands of time” and help fight the signs of aging. You’ve probably dismissed them as being too good to be true – most of the time, with good reason. But there’s a product you might not have heard about, Niagen, that finally delivers on the hype. 

How Niagen Works

Niagen has created a lot of excitement in the scientific community as an effective weapon against aging. It’s the first commercially available product that harnesses the power of an incredible substance known as nicotinamide riboside, or NR. Scientists have known about this form of vitamin B3 since the 1940s, but they’ve only recently discovered why it’s so important. 

NR can increase the levels of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, known as NAD+. It’s a “precursor” to NAD+, a substance from which NAD+ is formed. 

Why is This Important?

NAD+ is key to helping the main components of a cell – the nucleus and mitochondria – communicate with each other. The nucleus is akin to the “brain” of a cell, while the mitochondria produce the energy the cell needs to function. Over time, there’s a breakdown in communication between these components, and that leads to the signs of aging, such as weakened tissues and muscles as well as wrinkles. 

So, in a nutshell, if you have an ample supply of NAD+ in your body, you’ll be able better armed to fight the signs of aging. And having enough NR is key to producing more NAD+. That’s why Niagen is so exciting. 


How Much NR Do I Need to Take? 

A recent study investigated how different dosages of NR affected the production of NAD+. Six men and six women received these health supplements containing 100 mg, 300 mg, or 1,000 mg of NR, and then researchers checked their blood for NAD+ at hourly intervals. According to the results, there was a connection between NAD+ production and dosage, but with an interesting twist. 

The study showed that consuming more NR doesn’t necessarily mean that the body will produce more NAD+. The researchers found that the people who took the 300 mg dose produced as much NAD+ as those who took the 1,000 mg dose. The smaller dose took longer to stimulate NAD+ production, but after 24 hours, it produced roughly the same amount. 

Another interesting conclusion was that there’s apparently a ceiling as to how high you can raise your NAD+ levels through NR supplementation. According to the study, the NAD+ levels in the participants who consumed the 1,000 mg capsules the second time remained the same as they were after taking them the first time.

The bottom line is that, as with most supplements, consuming a higher dosage doesn’t necessarily mean you will obtain more benefits. 

What Will Niagen Do for Me? 

Take a look at online reviews for Niagen, and you’ll find that people all across the country love it. They say it provides a wide range of benefits, including increased energy and muscle strength and improved mental clarity. 

Niagen comes in capsules that contain no synthetic additives, caffeine, or dairy products of any kind. You simply take it first thing in the morning with a glass of water on an empty stomach, and you should soon start enjoying the benefits. 

The best part about taking Niagen is there is absolutely no risk from either a physical or financial perspective. Niagen is thoroughly tested at an independent laboratory for quality, potency, and – most importantly – safety. There have been no negative side effects associated with the product. 

And the manufacturer of Niagen, Live Cell Research, backs its product with a no-hassle, money-back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied after using Niagen for 90 days, simply return the product, and you’ll receive a full refund with no questions asked. Live Cell Research recommends that you purchase three bottles (a 90-day supply) before determining whether or not it works. 

It’s always advisable to talk to your doctor first before trying Niagen or any other supplement just to be on the safe side. Once you get the okay, give Niagen a chance. It might be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. 


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