Stylish Window Treatments

Window Treatment: Improve Your Home’s Energy With Style

Functionality and aesthetics don’t usually blend well, but there are occasions where they do. If you are planning to spruce up your home while increasing its comfort, space, lighting, and energy efficiency then you may want to visit a few window treatment stores.

Although window treatment is usually associated with aesthetic renovations, they also have a few functional features, such as reducing heat during summer and helping to drive down heat loss during winter. Moreover, a window treatment can also be used to improve the durability of your home’s windows while improving their ability to deflect or amplify sunlight.

However, to take advantage of such features you will need the services of window treatment professionals. Not only can they provide you with the window treatment products you need, but they can also advise you on how to keep your expenses to a minimum.

Best Flooring is one of the leading window treatment stores in the industry. We offer a wide variety of products and services to optimize any home. Here are a few examples of window treatments that our company can offer you.

Window Treatment: Organic and Dual Shade Blinds

Window shades are some of the most basic types of window treatments around, right up there with ordinary curtains. Not only are they easy to use and install, but they can also control the amount of heat that enters or leave most types of rooms.

When mounted close to the glass, window shades create a sealed air space, and in the case of dual shades, they have the added feature of having highly reflected surfaces on one side and heat-absorbing materials on the other, both of which are tremendously important in managing natural light. For families who live in either cold or warm climes, such features can be tremendously beneficial.

For those of you who prefer environmentally friendly options, however, organic shades are a good option. These shades are made from organic materials, like bamboo, wood, and various light materials, to help control light and heat without the use of metallic or plastic materials.

  • Drapes

Drapes are the window treatment of choice for those who prefer subtle elegance over anything else. However, just because they are designed primarily for aesthetics doesn’t mean that they don’t have any functionality.

Different drapes are made from different types of fabrics, such as velvet, damask, suede, leather, and silks. Although each of these materials is generally well-regarded, they have different properties when it comes to insulating heat. The same is also true for more affordable drapes made from less expensive materials. Ask a few window treatment stores if you require more information on the matter.

Of course, if you want drapes for purely aesthetic purposes then the color, patterns, and designs are the only things you’ll need to think about. Cool colors, such as teal or soft green are not only ideal for bright rooms, they can also insulate the heat coming from outside. For rooms with dark shades of color, gold and orange are good colors to consider, and they also look good during warm summer afternoons, which can be quite useful for darker rooms.

  • Automated Shutters

Finally, if you’re more technologically inclined then automated shutters are a good choice for you. Not only do they have a minimalist look, but they also have plain and simple designs that work well on most types of windows, and of course, they are automated.

Ordinary shutters have a handful of advantages over other types of window treatments. They offer protection against harsh weather, thermal shock, and perhaps most important of all, they don’t take up a lot of space. They can also be used to secure windows against burglars, which is an added benefit.

Automated shutters take these features and make them easier to operate through remote switches or even mobile apps. The only downside is that these types of shutters are only useful for smaller windows, and they cost more too. However, if you’re prepared to spend a little money they can be quite useful.

Finding the Best Window Treatment

These are three good examples of very popular window treatments. If you are interested in installing a few of them on your own windows, or even if you just want more information, then you should contact Best Flooring today or visit us at