Common Workout Mistakes

Workout – What To Do Before & After

If you’ve decided to bite the bullet and commit to a workout regimen, you definitely don’t want your hard work to go in vain or at least under-utilized. So you should know that there is a right and wrong way of exercising to stay fit. Meaning some careless mistakes you’re making could easily be delaying your progress. Let’s get a few exercise basics before delving into what you should be doing right.

What Is Workout?

In simple terms, a workout is any physical activity that raises your heart rate, while working your muscles. It could be any form of physical activity, as long as it’s more intense than what you’d normally do. You can use workout equipment or just your body – as yogis do. Either way, the end goal is to stay physically fit.

Benefits Of Workout

Most people workout simply because they want to lose weight. But there are many other benefits. Regardless of whether you choose to use workout equipment or go jogging, there are a lot of health diseases you can prevent simply by exercising.

For example, you can decrease your risk of heart diseases or diabetes by exercising out excess sugars and fat which may line up the walls of your heart. Working out can also increase your energy levels, and improve your mood. If you want glowing skin, try working up a sweat.

The benefits of exercising are endless. Age-related diseases, like memory loss, can be reduced. One of the biggest winners, in terms of benefits, is the relaxing sleep you’ll fall into after exercising.

Why It Is Important To Work out?

These are all related to the benefits of working out. Some of these include:

  • Reducing your risk of heart diseases
  • Recover from illnesses faster
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Lower your risk of type 2 diabetes
  • Feel more energized

Workouts & Weight Loss Shake: Which Is More Beneficial?

There’s usually no contest regarding which is more effective. Healthy meal replacement shakes have their place and time – especially if you’re too lazy to workout. And those protein shakes can be a lifesaver, but there’s really no comparison between them and exercises. Because, while good protein shakes for weight loss can help you lose weight, they won’t help you tone up your body – only working out can do that.

In essence, exercises can produce the same results as no sugar healthy meal replacement shakes, but not vice versa.

Drink Lots Of Water Before Working Out

What To Do Before & After Every Exercise

There are so many other factors that determine how much benefits you’ll reap from your next gym session – and it’s all within your control.

Drink Lots Of Water Before Working Out

This is with the expectation that your body will be losing a lot of water during your sweat fest. So the idea is to preempt your dehydration. Don’t drink water in excess though, otherwise, you might feel like throwing up.

  • Take A Protein Bar

In case you get woozy during a workout. This gives your body the strength it needs to get through. Most people, instead of eating a snack, then drinking water separately, just take protein shakes for weight loss either before or after exercising. The idea is to give your body the immediate amino acids it needs to repair damaged tissue from rigorous physical activities.

  • Do Some Stretches

Not necessarily a full-on yoga, just enough to wake your muscles up. Warm-up stretches are especially important if you work out first thing in the morning. If you workout in the evening, after having a hectic day – moving about – you can skip this. The idea is just to reduce your risk of injury – like pulling a muscle. You also want to stretch after your workout to bring your muscles to a resting position. You’ll also be less sore this way, so try not to skip both the pre and post-workout stretches.

  • Shower With Cool Water

Not hot. A cool shower will reduce whatever inflammations you triggered during a workout. This isn’t to say you should jump into an ice-cold shower. Something moderate.

  • Get Lots Of Sleep

The key to incorporating exercises into your routine is to get enough sleep afterward. Your body does most of its repairs while you’re sleeping, so try to get at least 7 hours.

Workout Equipment

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need sophisticated equipment to get your heart racing – but workout equipment does come in handy. For example, your biceps will be more defined if you lift weights, than if you rely solely on pushups. And it will be difficult to go for a jog when it’s raining heavily. As such, getting a few workout equipments can help you maintain a workout schedule, even if it just serves as a daily reminder for you.


As great as actually working out is, there are a few things you could be doing to maximize the after-effects of these workouts. The amazing thing is, you just need to make slight not drastic adjustments to reap these benefits. What are you waiting for?